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Skin. Low light. Confinement. Factory farming has immense effects and 'disfigures' not only our environment, but also the so-called livestock. We put social animals like pigs or cattle on slatted floors and remove their horns and tails so they can't hurt themselves or others in the confines of their stalls.
In my photographic series – consisting of self-portraits – I deal with the visual abstraction of this disfigurement. 


ENTSTELLT by caro lenhart
ENTSTELLT by caro lenhart
ENTSTELLT by caro lenhart
ENTSTELLT Maske by caro lenhart
Entstellt Caro Lenhart

Touring exhibition of the Neue Schule für Fotografie with support from: Heinrich Böll Foundation, World Food Institute e.V., Grün Berlin, GLS Treuhand and Hahnemühle. 

Project management: Ines Meier

Artistic supervision: Eva Bertram

Participants: Eun Sun Cho, Johann Karl, Linda Kerstein, Caro Lenhart, Thilo Mokros, Sabrina Radeck, Jakob Wierzba

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